As a storytelling artist, I am on a perpetual expedition to discover ways to express my thoughts and ideas visually. 
     Growing up, I was often home alone. One day, at the age when a child thinks about "who they want to be when they grow up"  I went into my parent’s room for some clues. In the closet, I found a wooden box filled with jars of bright paint and a painting of a bird nearby. Realizing these belonged to my mother, I saw the door to my future open. 
     Over time, as I developed my skills, I began to see art as a type of theater in which media, techniques, and aesthetic frameworks play integral roles.  The style or idiom I work within shapes the conversation between these elements, while the way I present a piece molds the narrative. In the end, I see my art as a repertoire of experiences unfolding in the imagination as it is encountered or recalled.

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