Where the Self Resides 
Once, when I was home alone, doing as most kids do when left on their own, I entered the 'forbidden zone' of my parent's room to see what made it off-limits. Soon after opening their closet, I came across a wooden box containing glass jars filled with unknown substances that look liked liquid crayons. Rummaging further, I found a painting of a bird perched among leaves bearing the same colors. As it occurred to me what was in those jars, I realized both belonged to mother and concluded she must have painted that painting. And, as I wanted her to be home, I fantasized we could form a special relationship when she returned someday if I became an artist too. Over time, as I grew up without her presence, developing my art became more important than guessing who she might be when she wasn't ill. Since then, my art has followed many paths, and each has grown in tandem with the skills I hone and the media at my disposal to explore.  Should you explore the rest of this site you, find it filled with work that synthesizes these two aspects of my artistic journey and, hopefully, you feel invited to complete each piece in your imagination and return for repeated engagement.
Sally Lelong

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